3D Roulette

Online casinos today make the majority of the gambling and casino activity and for good reason too. Whether you are still in your bed, traveling in the local metro, or doing anything else, as long as you have an internet connection on your smart phone, you get to play at online casino sites.

Of all the casino games that you can play, you know as a fact that roulette is definitely the most fun. This translates to online gameplay as well since all the top casino sites are actively developing some of the best online roulette games. While 3D roulette is not new, it has certainly improved over time in terms of gameplay, graphics, and the whole casino experience.

What Is 3D Roulette?

3D roulette is just what it sounds like, an online 3D game based on roulette. The objective of the game is to predict where the shiny ball will land on the roulette wheel. Even in 3D roulette, there are many variations, including the two most popular European and American roulettes.

In European roulette, which is the more commonly found of the two, there are 37 numbers on the wheel from 0 – 36. The zero is in green colour while all other numbers are divided evenly between red and black. In American roulette, which is exclusive to US based players in most online casinos, there are 38 numbers on the wheel, where the additional number is represented by 00.

3D roulette works around the same way as land based or other online roulette games. You get to choose between inside and outside bets with varying odds. Other factors like the probability mechanism, house edge, and overall gameplay are more or less the same as they are in European or American roulette.

You’re probably wondering by now if there is any difference between a regular online roulette game and a 3D roulette game. Well in terms of gameplay and format, both are the same, but when it comes to visual, audio, and gameplay quality, 3D roulette is many folds better than a regular roulette game.

Most, if not all, of the top online casino sites today offer their players the opportunity to engage in a fantastic casino experience by developing some of the best 3D roulette games of all time. If you love playing roulette and want to engage in a truly thrilling casino experience than 3D roulette will definitely be of your taste!

Special Features of 3D Roulette Online

Depending on which online casino you are playing at, the 3D roulette will have different special features. Some casinos today allow users to tweak the visual elements of the game, commonly represented by a Visual button. Using this option you can turn on or off various features of the roulette, for example the turret arms, adding colour shading to numbers, the dealer, and other visual animations. Although these changes make no difference to the gameplay, they certainly improve the visual quality which is definitely on the checklist of an online roulette player.

If you have just started roulette or are not familiar with how the game is played, most 3D roulette games have an instructional feature that can help you get used to the game. For instance, in 3D roulette by Paddy Power, clicking the Paytable button gives you information regarding different aspects of the game and how to play it. A Breakdown feature is also available in this 3D roulette game, which like it says gives you a breakdown of the bets you win. What happens is during regular play, if you land a win by placing multiple bets, animations will pop up telling your earnings, but without any details regarding the winning bet or number. This is where the Breakdown feature is handy in making you an informed player.

Playtech is also one of the leading developers of online 3D online casino games and the 3D roulette from the makers is certainly one of the best you can find. The visual presentation of the classic casino games makes it a treat for the eyes and gets you involved in the game like never before. One feature that is exclusive to 3D roulette from Playtech is that you can place some more bets, namely:

  • The voisins du 0 – Neighbours of 0
  • The Tiers du cylindre – Cylinder thirds

As you might have guessed from the fancy bet names, Playtech’s version of 3D roulette strongly resembles the French variation. However, the house advantage in this game is the same as in the European variation, so don’t get your hopes too high.

Sound System and Graphics of 3D Roulette Online

As you would expect from a modern 3D online game, the graphics are 3D roulette are simply stunning. The super sharp graphics coupled with bright colours, and the attractive visuals combined seamlessly with quality audio make 3D roulette so appealing to online players. The most significant difference, according to players, is the 3D wheel, which really differentiates 3D roulette from its 2D variations.

Online casino game developers today actively focus on blending realistic sound effects with 3D visual experience, which is certainly evident in 3D roulette. All these differences may not really change the way you play the game, but will certainly change the atmosphere from a computer game to a live casino experience, which is what matters to any casino enthusiast!

In some 3D roulette games, especially live dealer roulette, a live animated dealer oversees the gameplay on the roulette table, making it almost lifelike and equally more fun. In some games, when you lose big by playing high stakes roulette, the sound effects will make sure that seeps in, but when you win big, you’ll feel like you actually won big in a land based casino. As live dealer 3D roulette games allow you to chat with the dealer and the tablemates, you get the real life casino experience while playing comfortably from your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Given that some new players might not be familiar with 3D roulette, we have taken the liberty of answering some of the most common questions regarding the casino game.

Is 3D Roulette Legitimate?

Yes, as long as you are playing on a verified and secured casino site that is regulated by a gambling commission. If online gambling is legal in your region, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy playing 3D roulette online.

Where Can I Play 3D Roulette Online?

Depending on where you live or are currently staying, you will have access to different online casinos where you can play 3D roulette. Paddy Power and Bet365 are some of the top online casinos that allow you to play 3D roulette by simply signing up and making the initial deposit.

Where Can I Play Live Dealer 3D Roulette Online?

Live dealer 3D roulette is currently available on Paddy Power and a handful of other online casino sites. Just like in regular online live dealer roulette, you can talk to the dealer and possibly the tablemates while getting to experience the 3D casino gameplay. A quick search on Google will help you find out where you can play live dealer 3D roulette online in your country of stay.

The Gameplay Is Very Slow. What Do I Do?

There could be two possible reasons why the gameplay of 3D online roulette is slow on your computer:

  1. When your computer is not able to process the graphics smoothly – This could happen for various reasons as well, but the quick solution to this problem is to customize the graphics and turn off a few visual features.
  2. When your internet connection is slow – A slow internet connection can really be a pain, especially when you’re in the middle of the game. If you have multiple tabs open, close them to release some memory. Adjusting the graphics and turning off some visual elements can also improve the game performance.

Can I Play 3D Roulette On Mobile?

Yes you can play 3D roulette on your smart phone. 3D roulette games are available for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems and have exclusive features that improve the mobile gaming experience. You can find out more about the different variations of 3D mobile roulette by checking the respective app store of your operating system.

What Is the 3D Roulette Bonus?

Well the bonus you receive will depend on the casino site that you use. One of the reasons why online casino players are encouraged to open multiple accounts on reliable and safe casino sites is to take advantage of the different bonuses, promotions, and features they have to offer. Hence, in regards to 3D roulette, the bonuses will vary from site to site, but will certainly give you more reason to play the game of chance!

What Variations Are Available in 3D Roulette Online?

All modern variations of roulette, including European, American, and French, are available for players in online 3D roulette. Visit the respective casino site to find out more about the variations and what they bring to the table.