Is Online Roulette Fixed?

Is Online Roulette Fixed?

After playing quite a lot of online roulette you have a very good idea whether or not some roulette tables are fixed. There are not any tables that are truly unfair but few can be more favoured than others. We have gone through a few aspects of when roulette tables may be fixed to help you conclude a decision for yourself.

Is the Roulette Wheel actually fixed?fixed

It is not easy to give a straight answer with this question because it is a mixture of yes and no. Rest assured, any sites that we have mentioned or reviewed here on site are 100% safe, we have both tried and tested them and you need not fret for the wheels being fixed. When we speak of wheel rigging, we are relating it more to the less popular casino sites that you do not hear of that often.

Online Roulette – The Works

So wherever mentioned that the roulette wheel is fixed, it does not initially mean that your odds at that table will be effected. This is due to a RNG (Random Number Generator) that chooses your number the ball will land on once you click ‘spin’. This still gives the visual feel of the ball landing on a random number on the wheel but it has already been predetermined once you click that ‘spin’ button online. To some player’s beliefs, when the wheel has been fixed means to them that the certain casino will have access to see which colour you have placed your bet on and will land on the opposite colour so you in turn lose all your money. This is false and the end result is never determined by where you place your bet. Each and every spin will always be random, same goes for the roulette tables in land casinos. The one difference being that in land casinos, the spin is down to physics as opposed to the RNG that chooses where the ball lands in online roulette tables. Any graphics and extras are solely for the entertainment and enjoyment of the players. It is true that nearly in any case that a player loses a lot of money, they will of course have doubts in the casino they chose and believe that their table has been rigged. This is where the trust in online gambling falls slightly as opposed to the land casinos and the pure physics of the roulette table. House Always Has Upper Hand To believe it or not to believe it, the house edge will always win one over with the player. This is the reasoning casinos have to not rig tables or bets of gamblers. No matter what online gambling game you play, the house will always have an edge that keeps them earning the cash in the long run. With this being mentioned, we just want to reassure you once more that any casinos, games, sites we have reviewed have been reviewed for a reason and are completely safe to use but please be aware that there are also a lot of dodgy online sites that have the possibility of being rigged. Always find, read the reviews and choose a well known casino to trust your money in. You can start with some of the casino we have tried and tested on here. We assure you that you are in safe hands!

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