Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casinos

What to look out for?

With regards to deciding which Bitcoin casino to play with it is more so the factors that you do not want from a casino that you should start with. In doing this it makes it easier and more time efficient with ruling out the duds. Make sure to pay attention to the welcome bonuses, software used and how user friendly the actual site is. Look beyond the flashiness of some websites and focus properly on what it may be lacking. It is worth while to do the pros and cons of casinos before depositing your hard earned cash rather than playing with any casino you come across. bitcoin coin

Reasons to Use Bitcoin Casinos

The reason why Bitcoin is such a great invention is due to it being an open source option of money. This means that there is no need to use a bank which is great for those who like to keep gambling money and bank accounts separate, it is kind of like a security/ safety measure.   Bitcoin offers many pros such as:

  • Very user friendly websites. At times this statement may be tested but in general Bitcoin does go the extra mile to help people to run an online casino rather than it just being restricted to marketeers with a license. With online casinos realistically being websites where you can access online games, the more open online gambling is with programmers it works out for the better.
  • With regards to cash handling, depositing and withdrawing has never been easier. There is a system, Blockchain, which looks after the processing of the payments so whether it is depositing or withdrawing, it can take as little as ten minutes time.
  • Nowadays everyone is currently seeking the best security and safety measures. Bitcoin is great because you can remain completely anonymous when playing and gambling. This means there are no forms to fill out that take quite some time or no need to set up an account. So Bitcoin really has opened up a totally new aspect of gambling freely online without all the hassle.


What Cons Are There?

Bitcoin will always allow anyone with both the technical knowledge and right ability to set up a casino online. So as much as it is all about convenience and seems like a good idea, this also creates a slight unstable side of gambling online. There are risks that can be taken with it all and may end up badly but if you are content with taking your own risks that you have calculated then there should not really be any issues. In saying this about the new Bitcoin invention does not necessarily mean that online gambling was safe in the past. Whether you have to set up accounts, fill in information for certain sites, go through more thorough safety measures, there are still risks that come with anything online, there has always been scams out there with casinos just as much as online shopping. Once you use some common knowledge and don’t deposit anything on a site that seems dodgy, you should be fine.

Tips about Bitcointips

Putting aside the fact that Bitcoin makes transferring money across the online world far easier, there are always risks that follow. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using Bitcoins:  

  1. Have separate wallets.
  2. Don’t keep any savings you have in a web wallet.
  3. Use pins to protect your personal privacy.
  4. Keep all of your Bitcoins on a cold storage.
  5. Always, Always, Always make sure to backup on a system!

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