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Coral Casino Review

  • Very reputable company with excellent customer service records!
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  • Great variety of games and services!
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The Very Best Online Roulette Sites and Bonuses

Nothing screams glamour at a casino more than Roulette. The spinning of the ball, the hypnotising swirl as your eyes follow that ball hoping for it to land on your lucky number. But for some heading to a casino every time one wants to play Roulette can be rather inconvenient, so to make life that little bit easier there are plenty of the best online sites to help you get that same rush right in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have a good internet connection for that matter. Here at we are the providers to help you choose the best online roulette site, to get the best bonuses and to ensure you are in the hands of a safe website. We have constant up to date reviews on all of the top Roulette sites to ensure you are being fed the right information. With each site just a click away, we are all about no fuss, just play! You will get all the best tips from how to play Roulette, Roulette Odds and Strategies, the Roulette Betting Systems, How to choose the best Roulette site and much, much more! On a side-note, as an Irish site, we take pride in providing you with all the recent and updated Irish gambling laws and feeding you the information of casinos licensed under the Irish gambling legislation by the Irish Revenue. This ensures that you can gamble legally and safely on Irish soil. The list of 27 registered companies is up here on our site so you don’t need to look no further!

If you are new to the world of online roulette playing or have some experience of playing that hugely popular casino table game then we are sure you are going to enjoy your visit to this website.

For we have compiled a huge range of articles, news stories and playing guides that are going to show you which are the very best roulette game variants to play, and we are also going to be introducing you to a range of top rated online casino sites.

You will of course have the ability of playing online roulette for free at any of our featured casinos sites, so testing out lots of different games you may never have played before will be something you can do for no risk, however make a note of those casinos we have highlighted as they all have some generous welcome bonuses up for grabs!

Plus, when you do actively get involved in playing roulette for real money then you will be earning comp points at all of our approved casinos, and due to the way roulette games play and pay you will certainly be earning lots of additional playing credits as your comp points accumulate!

Roulette Game Variants

One thing you are going to find no matter at which casino sites you choose to play at is that there are going to be a very large number of different online roulette game variants.

Below are the three most commonly available games on offer – including the increasingly popular 3D roulette, and we would advise you to take a note of the overview alongside each of those variants, as each game will have a different house edge which in turn will affect your overall winning chances!

European Roulette – You are going to find the European Roulette game is the most played roulette variant and as such you may be interested in learning more about the house edge of this game.

The house edge on all standard European Roulette games on all betting positions is 2.70%, which is quite reasonable, however if you only ever place even money bets such as high or low wagers onto a roulette tables betting layout then make sure you play the next game we are going to be introducing to you instead of this one!

French Roulette – Many roulette players prefer placing very low risk bets and wagers onto the roulette tables they are playing online, and if you are such a player then make sure the game you play if you only place even money paying wagers is the French Roulette variant.

There are two different versions of French Roulette however the house edge on even money paying bets is, on both versions, just 1.35%. That is due to you either getting half of losing even money paying bets back when a zero is spun in or those bets are carried forward to the next game when a zero does make an appearance on the roulette wheel and is spun in!

American Roulette – You should never play American Roulette online when you have the choice of either of the two above named games on offer at the casino site you are playing at. That version of roulette has two zeros on its wheel, which dramatically increases the house edge of the game.

As there is no increase in regards to the winning payout odds on any of the betting propositions on the betting layout when playing American Roulette you are going to be up against a huge house edge of 5.70%!

Software Driven Roulette Games

The software driven roulette games you are going to be able to play online do of course use computer graphics to present the wheel and the outcome of each spin in randomly determined by a certified fair random number generator.

That means when playing for real money or for free you do have a fair chance of winning, in fact there are some huge amounts of cash waiting to be won when you start playing online roulette for real money. Below we have listed the three main reasons why people tend to play roulette at an online casino site.

100% Random – You will always find that every single roulette game that is available at licensed and regulated online casinos are certified and verified as being 100% random. So make sure that you do only ever play at such sites as by doing so you will have complete peace of mind in knowing that the games are fair.

Variable Table Stakes – You will have the ability of adjusting the value of the casino chips you are playing roulette games for when playing at an online casino site, and the range of table limits in place on those roulette tables are varied, so low and high stake players will always be catered for at such sites.

Fast Game Play – As you are not waiting for the croupier to remove losing bets from the table or pay out winning bets nor do you have to wait while the croupier cashes peoples chips in and out when playing these types of roulette games then you will find the games play is much faster than they will ever be played in a land based casino.

So that in turns means that you will get more spins in per hour than you would ever be able to do when playing at a land based casino site!

Live Roulette Games

There are now some online roulette games which are known as Live Roulette games, and when playing at a casino offering a live gaming platform you will be placing your bets and wagers from home over the internet but those bets are placed onto a roulette table located in a real land based casino venue.

You then watch via a live video stream which is broadcast in real time over the internet and as such you are for all intents and purposes playing those games in a land based casino, but will never have to leave your own home to do so!

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Coral Casino Review

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